01-Jun-2021 Anzeige / Fashion


Xenia Adonts wearing Isabel Marant shirt, Boyish jeans, Yeezys shoes, and Chanel bag with Balenciaga accessories

One of my favorite and go-to shoes is sneakers. Especially since I live in Paris, it’s the essential shoe for any real Parisian. You will rarely see locals wearing heels here, and Parisians are the proof that sneakers can be fashionable too! I have so many pairs, and I constantly rotate them because I want to wear them all the same amount, but of course I have a few favorites. I think everyone needs to start incorporating sneakers into your outfits, I know your feet will thank me later! Let’s see what my favorite sneakers are.

The Basics

These styles are the ones that everyone should have at least a pair of in their closet. I love the simplicity of them because you can pair them with anything. They’re discreet and comfortable, just what you need to throw on, on your way out the door. Perfect for summer or winter, these are a must-have.


The Athletics

The sporty athletic sneakers have come back and I’m not mad about it at all. They’re the comfiest and will not hurt your feet. I love pairing these with casual jeans, or even a dress so the sneakers break the femininity that the dress brings.


The Chunkies

These next few styles are for those who want to dare a bit outside of their comfort zone. The sneakers become the key piece in the outfit, and I’m obsessed with them. They’re comfortable, but they also make you feel edgy and dressed up. These styles are sickening and I think everyone needs a chunky pair in their closet.


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Photo credit: Edward Berthelot