29-May-2021 Anzeige / Fashion


Xenia Adonts wearing a shabderb blue set with a white prada bag and white chunky shoes

When I’m feeling lazy to dress up, I always gravitate towards easy matching sets because they make me look put together. I think everyone should have at least a set, to either lounge in, work from home but also still feel cute, or go out to run errands. I have so many, but I love this blue one that I included in this post. When wearing matching sets, depending on whether it is patterned or just a plain color, elevating your outfit is all in the accessories. Adding a coat, jacket, and lots of jewelry will make people forget you’re wearing a casual outfit. Let’s see which ones I included for you to pick from!

High-end Casual

High-end Colorful

High-end Patterned

High-end Basics

Affordable Sets


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Photo credit: Edward Berthelot