One of my favorite ways to accessorize and add a pop of color to my outfits is to wear a colorful handbag that can either match my outfit or simply add a new color when I’m wearing a monochromatic outfit. Of course, I have a lot of black and neutral handbags, but I love to also invest in colorful pieces that I know I maybe won’t wear as often, but that I will forever keep. I have some that were investment pieces, and some that were more affordable of course. I hope you can get inspiration from both my outfit and the pieces that I chose to include in this blog post.

High-End Green Bags

Affordable Green Bags

High-End Blue Bags

Affordable Blue Bags

High-End Pink Bags

Affordable Pink Bags

High-End Yellow Bags

Affordable Yellow Bags

High-End Red Bags

Affordable Red Bags

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Photo credit: Edward Berthelot